Sunkid Butterfly in Pirate Land Neuwied

Fits in perfectly: The Butterfly in the indoor park

Place: Neuwied /Year: 2018 / Product: Family Rides

For the indoor and outdoor theme park in Neuwied, which is themed as Pirate Land, the "Pirate Fly" is an ideal addition to the already very wide range of attractions. The "Pirate Fly" is lovingly designed as a pirate ship and swings two people up to a height of almost 6 meters at a speed of up to 40 km/h. The "Pirate Fly" has a slim design and is equipped with a butterfly.

Due to the slim design of the Butterfly - the footprint is 2.6m by 21m - it can also be installed in places in the indoor park where no ride would otherwise fit. The complete construction can also be bolted directly onto existing floor slabs, eliminating the need for separate concrete foundations.
Another practical feature is the extended self-service feature, familiar from rides made by Sunkid Heege: this eliminates the need for an operator to be present.

DID YOU KNOW THAT... the new Butterfly ride also fits on already existing track constructions of the previous model?
Together with a theming that matches the park, you can create a modern attraction for many more years and thousands of rides with relatively little effort!

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