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Luna Loop
Luna Loop
Upside down between heaven and earth
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Luna Loop

Not only children dream of being an astronaut ... sitting in the cockpit ... pushing buttons ... triggering turbulences ... experiencing “weightlessness”.

The Luna Loop makes it possible. A “space trip” in the rotating “moon capsule”. Due to curvatures in the orbit, the ride always gets new momentum. Forward and backward loopings simulate the turbulence of a take-off and while gliding gently the “astronauts” believe they are about to land on the surface of the moon.

  • Capacity up to 120 pers/h
  • 1 cabin with 2 seats
  • Small space requirement
  • Indoor and outdoor possible
  • Interactive control of the cabin rotation
  • Customised theming (design, light, and sound effects) possible
  • Coin operation possible
  • with “Luna Loop” use with extended self-service possible

Technical details

CertifiedEN 13814
Number of user seats2
Number of cabins1
Payloadmax. 2 x 90 kg
Throughput (practical value)120 persons / h / running time 45s
Minimum age of users7 years
Minimum height of users125 cm
Rotation speed vertical*Approx. 1 revolution/min.

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