Themed Sunkid fun in Karl's Erlebnis-Dorf Döbeln

Butterfly and Wood'n'Fun in new amusement park

Place: Döbeln /Year: 2024 / Product: Family Rides / Wood'n'Fun

Centrally located between the German cities of Leipzig and Dresden, the new "Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Döbeln" opened its doors on March 23, 2024. Young and old fans of strawberries as well as agricultural and construction machinery, chocolate and other regional specialties will get their money's worth in the themed amusement park areas.

One of the main attractions is the so-called "Bockwurst-Schleuder (Sausage Slingshot)" – a Butterfly from the Sunkid Family Ride portfolio. According to Karl, two people can experience "a swing ride in a class of its own. [...] The Bockwurst-Schleuder is designed for 2 people and this is how it works: You both get into the fun Bockwurst boat and are then pulled up on one side. Once you reach the top, after a short pause, you will rapidly descend and then ascend again on the opposite side. Afterwards, you'll spin back and forth in the funny Bockwurst as long as you have enough momentum. Tummy tingling guaranteed."

The second attraction, which was supplied by Sunkid, has the classic strawberry design of the adventure village: "Karls Kugeltrubel". The combination of a wooden ball run tower (Sunkid Wood'n'Fun) and other individually designed elements is intended to stimulate and encourage the creativity of the players. And this is how Karls describes it: "With our ball runs, you can build the craziest tracks. Build curves, branches, tunnels or slopes that lead into the depths. Let your creativity run wild and build a run just the way you want it. The wooden balls are available for a small fee and you can even take them home with you."

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