A new Mountain Coaster in Canada

Installation of the new “Mountain Pipe Coaster” in Camp Fortune was celebrated on 10 June. The first test runs took place, too.

Travelling options may have been limited, but the Sunkid team nevertheless managed to complete the entire Mountain Coaster route and perform the first few test runs in only four weeks.

Everyone involved had great fun and is happy that guests of Camp Fortune will be able to enjoy a ride here soon as well.

The adventure starts out in the valley, from where a chairlift takes riders up to one of the skiing area’s highest points. The ride uphill affords a unique view of the Gatineau Hill. At the top, riders take one of the toboggans to speed down the approx. 670 m long monorail track. Proximity of the rails to the ground makes the speed, adjusted by the rider using a hand brake, feel much more intense. The beautiful ride downhill leads through the forest, across the Clifford and Marshall skiing slopes, and through tunnels built specifically for the Mountain Coaster.

Since Camp Fortune turns into a skiing area in winter, some sections of the route must be removed then. The simple assembly enables mountain railway employees to easily set the route back up again when the summer season starts.

This was one reason for the people in charge at Camp Fortune to choose Sunkid’s Mountain Coaster. “We picked this model because it fits just perfectly into a skiing area: sections can be removed in winter, we were able to adjust it to our terrain, and we could use our existing chairlift. This was a fitting supplement for our facility, and an urgently needed adventure ride for the Ottawa/Gatineau region,” the customer summarises.

With the Mountain Pipe Coaster, Camp Fortune is not only investing in development of its summer offering, but also in its positioning as a year-round destination. This step is very important since the COVID-19 pandemic has had severe effects on winter tourism and caused financial loss. Travelling options have also changed, and the wish for summer holidays without leaving the country has increased. The Mountain Pipe Coaster is going to attract many visitors.


Fact Box: “Mountain Pipe Coaster”, Camp Fortune

•    Length of downhill run: approx. 670 m
•    Uphill transport: existing chairlift
•    Toboggans: 30 units
•    Altitude difference: 95 m
•    Speed: max. 40 km/h


Click here to learn more about the Mountain Coaster.


Photocredits: Camp Fortune

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