Moving Carpet & Lifts: Sauerland Special

Sauerland Special (GER): Germany's northernmost winter sports region also relies on Moving Carpet® and lifts from Sunkid

Place: Sauerland /Year: 2015 / Product: Moving Carpet / Lifts

Due to its proximity to Holland and the Ruhr area, many day trippers and vacationers flock to Germany's northernmost winter sports area. The local infrastructure is correspondingly perfect in order to be able to transport visitors comfortably within the ski area. In this respect, the Sunkid Moving Carpet® often proves to be the ideal ascent aid.

Due to its multifunctionality, its use is not limited to transporting skiers and snowboarders. Pedestrians and tobogganers as well as winter sports enthusiasts with alternative sports equipment can also use the Moving Carpet® at the same time. This also allows families to spend a day together where all members get their money's worth.

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