Lifts: The Comfort Star in the Stubai Zoo

To cope with the pre-season crowds, a 300-meter Sunkid Comfort Star was installed in the snow park for the rush hour

Place: Neustift /Year: 2015 / Product: Lifts

Unusual names for snow parks have become a tradition. Stubai Zoo is the name of the same in Austria's largest glacier ski area on the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol and is located at around 3000 meters above sea level.

The season for snowboarders and freestylers starts in the Stubai Zoo long before the actual winter season begins. However, the volume there is correspondingly high not only before, but also after the winter season until deep into early summer. In order to be able to increase the capacity for the snow park, a bypass in the form of a 300-meter-long Sunkid Comfort Star was added as an ascent aid to the T-bar lift already located there.

In order to make it easier and more flexible to operate and transport the Sunkid Comfort Star on the glacier, it was supplied with height-adjustable slides at both the drive and return stations. This solution not only enables even more precise alignment of the lift height according to the snow conditions, but also facilitates alignment, attachment and transport on the permanently flowing glacier ice thanks to the shape of the sleds.

The Sunkid Comfort Star also shines with other features such as the innovative disc bar, which significantly increases the operating comfort of the passengers. The rotating bearing of the stirrup on the steel rope allows it to adapt perfectly to the size of the passenger or to the rope height. This gives the winter sports enthusiast a wide range of options for using the handle - whether the plate between the legs, as a grab handle on the side or as an anchor in the back.

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