The first Sunrider has been successfully installed

The world’s first Sunrider facility can be found in the Erlebnispark Steinau, where it inspires great enthusiasm among the park visitors.

The Sunrider is the latest Family Ride from Sunkid. The first Sunrider was successfully installed in the Erlebnispark Steinau in the state of Hesse, Germany, in late May 2021, where the ride has a total of four lanes. The Sunrider optimally supplements the Sunkid products already installed in the park, such as the “Water Bob” Nautic Jet, the Butterfly called “Pendulum Track”, two Luna Loops, a wooden ball tower, and other wood products.

“We place great value on offering our guests new and innovative rides at Erlebnispark Steinau. The Sunrider is a true innovation that does not require any operator. Those were the main reasons for our investment,” says Theo M. Zwermann (managing director at Erlebnispark Steinau).

The “Sunrider” has themed vehicles – funny caterpillars in the case of Steinau – installed on parallel tracks. Riders move them forward or backwards along the rail by pulling and pushing the hand levers. The ride is easy to operate, intuitive, and extremely entertaining. Riders can enjoy a fun ride along the rail on their own or compete with others on the parallel lanes, just as they prefer.

Theo M. Zwermann says: “Entire families use the Sunrider. Our four lanes permit parallel use and allow a family-internal competition. Once they have figured out how it works, all age groups really get on with it very well.”

The ride can be customised to the park’s theme with horses, bananas, motorcycles, or excavators, among other things.

“Several considerations together with Sunkid have led to the idea of implementing a caterpillar theme. The natural movements of a caterpillar can be imitated very well with the Sunrider. Our park aims to introduce children to different animals. This facility is ideal for that,” says Zwermann.

Side quote
Theo M. Zwermann: “Our guests love the Sunrider. It is used very often and by many. It fits our landscape very well visually as well thanks to its caterpillar theme.”


Photocredits: Sunkid

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