Wood'n'Fun: Play experience in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The playground in the spacious garden area of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds has been expanded to include play elements that appeal to all the senses.

Place: Wattens /Year: 2017 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

On behalf of Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Sunkid expanded the existing outdoor play area in the giant's garden to provide children of different ages with an even more varied and educationally valuable play experience. A spectacular 25-meter climbing course was installed at the foot of the play tower, which is visible from afar, and blends harmoniously into the existing overall concept. This is designed like a motor skills course that challenges and promotes the children's sense of balance.

In addition, the existing water features were expanded into an adventure zone and a ball game was installed as a variant of the now highly successful Sunkid Wooden Ball Tracks. This ball game now combines elements of the wooden ball track with the existing wooden play area and opens up a special kind of test of skill not only for children. At the various stations, children can let off steam and train important motor skills at the same time.

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