New extension for the Giro d'Ali Family Park in Bellamonte!

Giro d'Ali in Bellamonte is the ideal place for relaxation and fun for families with children. Since this year the existing play park has been extended with additional water games.

Place: Predazzo /Year: 2022 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

The family park is located in the heart of the Unesco Dolomites of Trentino at an altitude of 1750m above sea level and is easily accessible by the modern Bellamonte 3.0 cable car. Sunkid, together with its partner Almholz and Kerschdorfer, has already developed a comprehensive concept to make the summer offer in Bella Monte more attractive, which was implemented in phase 1 in 2015. Over the years, this project has been expanded again and again and this year in summer, another comprehensive expansion stage could be implemented. Now you are already in the 3rd phase.

Arriving at the middle station, a varied adventure playground awaits the guests of the park, which has been enriched by several wooden attractions since the summer season.

The new stations at a glance:

Station 1: Kneipp facility

The first new station is a Kneipp facility, which leaves nothing to be desired with its equipment. A hand and foot basin with handrail is an ideal way for hikers, mountain climbers, mountain bikers and e-bikers to cool off. Right next to it, newly designed benches invite excursionists to take a break afterwards.

Station 2: Ducks Light

At the duck station, children can slide a rubber duck (which must be purchased) down one of the four new wooden tracks. Variety is guaranteed as all 4 tracks are individually equipped with different obstacles.

Station 3: Relax corner

Below the duck station, along the watercourse, there are three new seating areas for lounging and relaxing. Ideal for a little play break in between.

Station 4: Water Splash Stadium

A little further down, you reach the Water Splash Station, where an oversized wooden seesaw invites you to play. Wet feet are guaranteed, because as soon as the seesaw goes down, you dive into the refreshing water with your feet.

Station 5: Frainus Challenge

"Frainus" is a duck and represents the mascot of the Giro d'Ali Park. At the station or challenge, a large wooden tunnel must be run through without getting splashed. Outside are three water sprays from which the "opponents" splash into the tunnel.

The Frainus Challenge is the highlight and also the biggest of all stations.

Station 6: Duck Lake

Duck Lake is a small play pond with a raft to pull across and a channel to let the rubber ducks flow down. There is also a separate area for the very young children with a duck game.

Station 7: Wooden Ball Tracks

Above the path is the last play station. Several Wooden Ball Tracks mounted on a huge wooden board invite the children to play. The tracks are equipped with different elements (funnels, loops, chimes, etc.).


Photos: (c) Bella Monte

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