Fascination Streif

On the trail of Franz Klammer, Hermann Maier and Co.

Place: Kitzbühel /Year: 2019 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

Where skiers became legends, on what is probably the most challenging downhill course in the entire World Cup, a new world of experience now awaits its primarily small heroes. The Streif!

Since the 2019 summer season, the world-famous Hahnenkamm has been home to the new Streif Erlebniswelt, where young and old visitors alike can get up close and personal with the pros at 9 recreated activity stations. Even the start out of the start house is not for the faint of heart. The starting slope of the Streif is considered the steepest in the entire Ski World Cup. Within just 3 seconds, the skiers accelerate to over 60 km/h.

Even though the start of the Streif adventure trail is not quite as fast, it takes a little bit of courage to venture out of the original start house onto the slope slide. No sooner has the starting slope been mastered than it's time to move on to the next key section. The notorious mousetrap. Then it's on to the technically demanding 180° right turn, into the carousel. The steep slope exit and the bridge shot are also part of the game, as is the Seidalm jump, which is also the central element of the Streif adventure trail. The eye-catching 3-meter high Streif lettering is not only a unique photo motif, but also a playground for children. Benches and sun loungers made of larch invite you to relax and enjoy, while the youngest have fun at the adventure playground.

After a short rest, it's then off to the all-important finale. Over the Hausberg edge into the traverse where a "motor skills course" once again demands everything from the little racers. The goal is close, but still it applies to master the goal shot, which forms the crowning conclusion of this singular experience moving way in the form of two tube slides. There is great joy about the successful project not only among the mountain railroads, the tourism association and the municipality, but also at Sunkid. "Being part of such a project, around the legendary Streif is nothing everyday and we are accordingly pleased that we could make a contribution here," said Sunkid GF Emanuel Wohlfarter in conclusion.

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