From Mudau to Amorbach - the SMART Path in Odenwald

Between forests, meadows and streams, young and old become explorers and discoverers.

Place: Amorbach /Year: 2019 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

The Science and Technology Adventure Trail has been open to its visitors since summer 2019. Running along the Main-Neckar cycle path, the SMART trail is over 15 kilometers long and, with a total of 45 impressive play and experiment stations, is Germany's longest outdoor STEM adventure trail. The project was implemented and realized by Almholz, a long-standing Sunkid partner.

MINT stands for mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, and it is precisely around these topics that everything revolves on the exciting exploration tour. The goal of the project initiated by the Joachim & Susanne Schulz Foundation is to use the resulting hiking and biking trail to playfully encourage a love of discovery, especially among children and young people, and to help more young people choose a STEM profession again. But there are also exciting things for adults to experience and learn. This makes the trail a perfect destination for kindergartens, preschools, schools, youth groups and families. Interactive elements along the path from Mudau to Amorbach allow visitors to explore and experiment to their heart's content. The individual stations promote motor skills and cognition in equal parts and at the same time offer plenty of room for exercise in the fresh air and, of course, fun. The elements of the 6 stations were manufactured with great attention to detail and in line with the theme. When choosing the material, wood was chosen for the most part in order to strengthen the integration into nature and to be able to optimally adapt the path to the surroundings. The phenomena from natural science and technology can of course be examined free of charge all year round in Odenwald.

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