That has speed. It has sound. This is Wood'n'Fun.

Fast-paced and acoustically exciting game with a Wooden Ball Tracks in Rauris

Place: Rauris /Year: 2023 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

Just how much fun and variety a marble run - even if it is relatively short - can provide for young and old is demonstrated by the latest installation in Rauris (Austria), with its almost 20 meters.

Immediately after getting off the Hochalmbahn and before the planned family hike or the visit to the bird of prey show, it welcomes all summer guests.

Once the wooden ball has been thrown through the hole at the starting platform, it makes good speed in the first ball chute. After a visually and acoustically interesting ride through the ball slalom, the play equipment shoots through a wooden telescope into the next element - the so-called column labyrinth. Another chute transports the ball on to the noisy circular arc ride through a metal funnel. But the sonic experiences are not over yet! After all, the ball still has to pass a xylophone and a golden cowbell before it reaches the final vat.

The project in Rauris shows: There are almost no limits for Sunkid customers when it comes to putting together their individual ball track. We are also happy to support you in your internal strategy and decision-making process and thus help you to design the optimal offer for your guests and visitors.

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