Wood'n'Fun: Unique pine cone play tower as a highlight in the pine park

Hochzeiger (Pitztal): Sunkid and its partners Almholz and Kerschdorfer design and realize the new play theme park around the Swiss pine tree

Place: Pitztal /Year: 2015 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

Play, fun and interesting facts about the rare Swiss stone pine were the challenges for Sunkid and its partners Almholz and Kerschdorfer in designing the new Swiss stone pine park at the height of the middle station of the Hochzeiger cable cars. The result is an approximately 1 km long circular hiking trail along which the positive properties of the "Queen of the Alps" are presented in an entertaining way - with two oversized pine cones as play towers.

The two funny characters Pitzi & Gratsch accompany the visitors on their way through the ZirbenPark. Pitzi & Gratsch are best friends and have a common passion: pine nuts. While Gratsch (= dialect for pine jay) carefully and tirelessly makes sure that the stone pine nuts find their way into the forest floor so that they can germinate and later grow into a stone pine, Pitzi is torn - after all, the stone pine nuts taste so wonderful. At the ZirbenPark stations there is a lot to learn about the Swiss stone pine and the two friends Pitzi & Gratsch. The fun factor is not neglected: planting stone pine nuts, balancing, climbing, jumping into the hay, visiting the petting zoo, planning shavings for your own stone pine pillow or taking part in a quiz - the possibilities in the ZirbenPark are manifold.

But the highlight in the ZirbenPark is undoubtedly the Zirbenzapfen adventure tower. The 12 m high adventure tower is equipped with a viewing platform and a 16 m long tube slide. There is also another small cone tower for climbing and a net tunnel. In the ZirbenPark, however, fun, play, adventure and relaxation stations also await visitors.

This project has also been nominated for the Holzbaupreis Steiermark*. If you also like the project as much as we do, please cast your vote for B1- Zirbenzapfenturm - Pitztal here. THANK YOU!

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