Sunkid: The dragon from Schwarzsee has come back to life.

The children's adventure world of the Kaisereggbahnen Schwarzsee AG becomes a dragon land

Place: Schwarzsee-Bad /Year: 2020 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

Since the family ski area in the Swiss canton of Fribourg also attracts many guests in summer, the operators of the ropeways wanted to expand the leisure facilities and theme them appropriately to the dragon saga. They found the right partner for this project in Borer Lift AG, part of Sunkidworld.

It is said that a dragon once raged on Kaiseregg, eating people and animals. Close to the Kaiseregg lived at that time the hermit Remigi, to whom the people complained about their suffering and fear. Remigi mustered all his courage and set out to meet the dragon. Since Remigi was a very religious man, he got help from above - he banished the dragon with a sign of the cross. The dragon immediately froze and fell out of its cave into the Black Lake below. Now, after centuries, he has reappeared from this cave and is watching over the Black Lake - but in a different form and possibly soon in the company of a baby dragon.

During the ascent with the chairlift "Riggisalp" you can already discover it - the dragon land Kaisereggbahnen. Next to the mountain station you will find the playable dragon made of weatherproof larch wood and various play equipment, such as a dragon spring seesaw. The head of the large dragon can be walked on, the tail is a slide and next to it is a large combination swing.

In addition to this play equipment, elements were supplied for the ball track, which is also part of the Dragon Land on the Riggisalp.

There are already plans for the expansion of the dragon land or the baby dragon and the already existing mountain coaster will be designed to match the dragon theme.

Fact Box Wood'n'Fun Dragon:

  • Length: 15 m
  • Height: 7 m
  • Material: weatherproof larch wood
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