Goodwood Festival of Speed

Experience the feeling of the Ford Focus ST in the Mountain Coaster.

At this time last year, when people didn't know about Covid19, didn't wear face masks and social distancing was not yet known to everyone, the Goodwood Festival of Speed was a hot topic - many cars, even more horsepower and thousands of visitors.

For many car manufacturers, this festival with about 180,000 international visitors was a fixed date, including Ford.

Once again, the company did not miss the opportunity to build an extraordinary stand to attract the attention of the public. The construction of the four-storey building took three weeks, the planning and construction took months. This effort paid off, the visitors of the festival were enthusiastic.

Besides the cars, the main focus of the guests was on one particular attraction - the ST test track. Ford's aim was to give car fans a feeling of speed - the Mountain Coaster succeeded in doing this. Nearly 2,800 people started with it on the roof of the exhibition stand and enjoyed the ride along the outside of the building - comparable to a joyride in a Ford Focus ST.

But that wasn't all - inside the stand were car simulators and areas for action stunts. On the roof, the lounge area provided for the guests' physical well-being. New cars such as the Ford Focus, the Fiesta and the Mustang GT were presented on four levels.

To make sure that the Mountain Coaster matches the vehicles, it was given a new design especially for this event - that of the Ford Focus ST. The seat shell of the four scooters was painted metallic blue, the backrests were covered with leather, on which the ST logo could be seen, and, as usual in racing cars, equipped with safety nets on the sides.

Mag. Emanuel Wohlfarter, CEO Sunkid GmbH, summarized the event: "Ford had our all-round carefree package - from construction and design coordination to on-site assembly and support during the festival - the customer could always count on us and rely on us".

Here you can have a look at the Mountain Coaster in Ford Focus St - Design:


Mountain Coaster at Goodwood:

Duration: 4 days
Trips: 3,000+
Distance: approx. 70 running meters
Difference in height: 8,5 m
Average gradient: 8 degree


Click here to learn more about the individual track design.




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