Family Rides: 2 x NAUTIC JET in Finnish theme parks
The operators are pleased with the response of park visitors

Sunkid Family Rides: Two amusement parks in the south of Finland each added a Nautic Jet from Sunkid to their offerings.

Place: Punkaharju /Year: 2015 / Product: Family Rides

Sunkid's family rides can be found not only in major theme parks around the world, but also in many water parks and smaller adventure parks. In Finland, for example, the operators of both the Punkaharju Resort and the Zoolandia theme park have opted for a Sunkid Nautic Jet.

Sami Laukkanen, project manager at Punkaharju Resort, draws an extremely positive conclusion: "The attraction was very popular during the summer season and was incredibly well received by visitors. The number of visitors to the resort was up 13% last year. And the Sunkid Nautic Jet certainly played its part in that. It was in operation during opening hours virtually without a break. We are really very satisfied and the Nautic Jet works perfectly "

At the Sunkid Nautic Jet - the world's only ride with a free flight phase - visitors take a seat in the car, are driven up to the 8 m high tower and then catapulted into the water at lightning speed together with the car - this ensures pure adrenaline for young and old alike!

Punkaharju Resort Water and Amusement Park

Punkaharju Resort is a year-round resort located on the shore of Lake Saimaa. The surrounding area offers all kinds of opportunities for outdoor activities, and with the water and amusement park Kesämaa also a change for the little ones - and the young at heart.


Amusement park in the southwest of Finland

Zoolandia is located in the southwest of Finland and is a mixture of animal and amusement park with its enclosures and playground equipment. In addition to the Nautic Jet, a Luna Loop and a Tower from Sunkid are already in use at Zoolandia.

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