Family Rides - TOWER: Asian theming

As an enrichment of the previous thematizations, we briefly present here two projects whose implementation is characterized by Asian influences.

Place: Nagano /Year: 2013 / Product: Family Rides

Not a toy to be feared

While dragons spread fear and terror in our part of the world, in Asia they are known primarily as lucky charms. This coming summer, such a lucky dragon will also offer children many opportunities to play at the Asia Spa Leoben (AUT). The play dragon not only looks impressive, but also offers numerous opportunities for climbing, sliding, hiding, swinging, etc. This play equipment was designed by Sunkid partner Almholz especially for the theming of the Asia Spa in Leoben. The kite of course complies with the playground standard EN 1176 and will be installed together with other wooden play equipment next spring.

A Japanese Tower

Lake Shirakaba Family Land, located about a 2.5-hour drive from Tokyo, Japan, in Nagano Prefecture, came up with an imaginative roof design for the Sunkid Tower. This makes the tower reminiscent of one of the traditional oversized Japanese umbrellas called Wagasa. The interactive tower convinced the customer with its small footprint (footprint with a diameter of only 6 meters) and high capacity (up to 320 people/hour). Despite the relatively long distance, people in Japan trust in the quality of Sunkid-Heege Family Rides, which has been known for decades, and are looking forward to the installation next spring.

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