Sunkid: Adrenaline junkies get their money's worth at the Olympic Center Jahorina

In 2018, the Olympic Center invested in Xraycer. In 2019, the Mountain Coaster was put into operation - and in 2020, three new Sunkid Family Rides.

Place: Jahorina /Year: 2020 / Product: Family Rides

Olympic Center Jahorina is a prime example of a 365-day destination for the whole family. In the idyllic winter landscape you can ski and snowboard on a total of 45 kilometers of slopes. In summer, visitors can choose between adventurous rides on one of the Xraycers, the Mountain Coaster or a slide on a tube.

In order to make the offer even more attractive for visitors, the operators have stepped it up a notch and put three new family rides into operation in July 2020.

An unforgettable ride can be experienced with one of the 4 orange or 4 turquoise cabins of the Loopster. The cabins can spin in circles, do flips or just glide along gently - depending on the passenger's wishes. So turbulent or leisurely - just as you like!

The tower, which stands a few meters next to the Loopster, glows strikingly in red and orange. By gently pulling the rope of the tower, the two-seater moves upwards. Each passenger can decide for himself how high he wants to go. During the ride, the tower rotates around its own axis, rewarding you with a magnificent panoramic view.

The third ride is the Skydive, which was put into operation in the rural-alpine area of the Olympic Center. After a lift ride into the beautiful ski area with spectacular views, a varied ride on the Skydive awaits. As soon as the seat's bar is closed, the ride can begin. The seat is pulled up into the air and then glides twice over the reservoir.

Those responsible are very satisfied: "Our amusement park is the absolute hit in the region - on the opening days, almost 4,000 rides were taken. With our new Vuckoland ticket, which is in great demand, our guests can use the summer tubing track, ride all three family rides and Sunkid's mountain coaster."

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