Family Rides: Another Swiss Skydive

Gryon (CH): Sunkid delivers a park attraction for the Parc Barboleuse that can be used all year round

Place: Gryon /Year: 2014 / Product: Family Rides

In mid-June, another Sunkid Skydive installed in Switzerland went into operation at Parc Barboleuse in Gryon (CH). It is about 50 meters long, four to 15 meters above ground and suitable for children from the age of seven. "This skydive is operated by Gryon Tourisme and works fully automatically in self-service with tokens. With a launch terminal designed as a platform," explains Axel Halder, GF of Borer AG (Sunkid- CH). The Skydive can be used all year round and requires only a small amount of space due to its small footprint. The level below (area) can be fully used and does not need to be closed off. The facility is built and certified according to EN13814.


Facts about the Skydive:

  • Length approx. 50m Height between 4 and 15m above ground level
  • Number of seats: 1
  • children from 7 years or 120cm
  • up to max. 100kg
  • Works fully automatic in self-service with tokens
  • Number of rides per token (freely selectable) here 2 cycles
  • Start terminal designed as a platform Capacity: approx. 50 pers. per hour

The customer buys a token and takes a seat on the gondola, buckles up with the seat belt, throws in the token and presses the start button. Pressing it twice activates the launch. This moves the point of the rope suspension up, raising the gondola. Once the maximum height is reached, the gondola disengages and the ride goes backwards along the steel cable towards the counter support. Before the gondola reaches the counter support, the suspension on the launch mast lowers again and the gondola travels back (forward) and then reengages. This cycle is repeated twice (but can be freely programmed) after which the launch mast lowers further so that the gondola is parked at exit level and the passenger can disembark. Approximately 50 trips can be made per hour.

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