A tower for the Jaderpark

New attraction in the heart of Yellowstone Water Company

Place: Jade /Year: 2019 / Product: Family Rides

Water rats take note: The Jaderpark in Jaderberg on the North Sea has been attracting numerous splashers for some time now with its "Grizzly Adventure" leisure landscape.
The "Grizzly Bay" attraction was opened there back in 2016, where two nautical jets have been providing action ever since. Whether young or old, the "flying boats" create enthusiasm among all age groups.

Since June 2019, the Yellowstone Water Company has been added to the landscape of the Grizzly Adventure - an adventure landscape with geysers, water cannons, jets and buckets, where no one stays dry so easily. At the heart of the Yellowstone Water Company now rises a tower designed as a Wild West water reservoir in keeping with the theme. At more than nine meters high, this interactive Sunkid Tower not only offers a trip to lofty heights, but also serves as the perfect vantage point.

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