High up with the Dreamland Crane!
The interactive tower, themed as a crane, with its ten-meter height not only offers an excursion in lofty heights, but at the same time serves as a beautiful vantage point

In 2021, the Dreamland amusement park on the Bear's Den has grown by a breathtaking attraction with the Sunkid Tower

Place: Sonnenbühl /Year: 2021 / Product: Family Rides

Traumland is located about an hour's drive south of Stuttgart and stands for "family time"! The park was founded back in 1974 and since then has been run, among other things, according to the motto "standstill is regression". Therefore, investments are constantly made in the park and new rides are put into operation.

This is how it came about that a tower from Sunkid was allowed to move into the park in 2021. With over 110 installations, the Sunkid Tower is one of the classics and one of the most popular family rides in the world. It is therefore hardly surprising that those responsible at Traumland on the Bear's Den chose precisely this interactive ride.

The operating principle of the Tower is easy to explain: By gently pulling the rope of the Tower, the double seat moves upwards with the assistance of a motor. Each passenger can decide for themselves how high it should go. When the rope is released, the double seat gently descends again. It is also possible to ascend and descend several times. During the ride, the tower rotates around its own axis, rewarding you with a magnificent panoramic view.

Fun Fact: The amusement park is named Traumland auf der Bärenhöhle (Dreamland on the Bear Cave) because the park is located directly above one of the most visited German caves, with quite a few bear skulls and bones, as well as a restored bear skeleton.

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