New 14 meter high Sunkid Family Ride in San Diego, California

Belmont Park hoists pirate flag on Sunkid Tower

Place: San Diego /Year: 2023 / Product: Family Rides

Pacific Beach, Santa Barbara Cove and Mariners Basin - Belmont Park is located in the middle of some of the most popular excursion destinations in San Diego, California (USA). It offers everything from adrenaline to relaxed fun - for families with children as well as groups of friends or couples.

The new, lovingly themed mini adventure world "Shipwreck Cove" is also designed to appeal to the whole family. A Sunkid tower acts as the mast of the pirate ship "San Salvador" and is anything but "mini": including a crow's nest and huge skull and crossbones flag, the entire construction is almost 14 meters high.

Passengers can pull themselves up to over eight meters without much effort and enjoy the 360° panoramic view of the park and the adjacent attractions. The entire cladding of the Family Ride has a wooden design. The tower head is a visual highlight, which is highlighted even better at night by smart positioned LED lights. It is designed as a crow's nest and already attracted a lot of attention when the Family Ride was installed thanks to the hoisted pirate flag.

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