Ice Age Feeling at Potts Park

The Saberaurus - the newest attraction for all dinosaurs and Stone Age fans.

Place: Minden /Year: 2019 / Product: Family Rides

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs already roamed the earth and thousands of years ago, saber-toothed cats hunted through the forests, but mankind still knew nothing about a saber-saurus. Until now - because in Potts Park in Minden he stands, the first and unique saber-toothed dinosaur.

Vehicle as a saber-toothed tiger

At Potts Park amusement park, young and old admire the impressive attraction. The XL Butterfly, designed as a giant dinosaur skeleton, is a visual showpiece in the park. The attraction's gondola was of course also adapted to the theming. Two heads of the saber-toothed cat adorn the vehicle rocking back and forth on the dinosaur's back. After taking a seat on the saber-toothed cat, the adventure begins. Slowly, the passengers ride up the ride until the starting height of over 6 meters is reached. Once they reach the highest point, the vehicle disengages and whizzes along the approximately 27-meter-long back of the dinosaur, swinging out in the skeleton of the prehistoric giant.

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