Gerlitzen invests in Summer Tourism

Starting this year, the Funpark Gerlitzen Kanzelbahn is inspiring its guests with a new tubing and wooden ball track by Sunkid. The Funpark has turned into an adventure playground for all age groups.

The Funpark in Gerlitzen offers great leisure time fun for the entire family, with a current offering that comprises the Kids Biketrails, a tubing track, a bungee trampoline for four, mini-electro track racers, and an adventure climbing park. Though already highly diverse, the summer programme has been further expanded by a Wood’n’Fun wooden ball track and a new tubing track this year.

The new tubing track uses the roofed-over Sunkid Moving Carpet as a climbing aid to take children with their tubes to where the plastic slope starts. Once there, they can launch into their sliding fun. Since the plastic mats simulate the sliding properties of snow, users of all age groups can dash down the slope speedily. The ride is made even more exciting by steep curves along the new tubing track.

Precautionary measures such as stable lateral guides maximise safety to permit unlimited sliding fun.

In addition to provision of the tubes, Sunkid also offers planning and setup of the plastic slopes. The plastic mats can be assembled individually, for adjustment to any customer and any environment.

The same is true of the Wood’n’Fun wooden ball tracks, which can be customised to the customers’ needs and wishes.

The wooden ball track is located right above the Sunn Alm, where it makes children’s hearts beat faster. The only thing they need to enjoy the game is a wooden ball that can simply be purchased from a vending machine.

Wooden ball in hand, they can start playing right away. Once it starts rolling, the ball will pass through various obstacles, such as cowbells, funnels, and canals. Use of the ball track playfully trains perception, cognitive and motor skills. Children can watch their wooden balls at all times, track them, and hear the sounds they make along their way, preventing boredom from coming up and making every single round unique.

Users can take the branded Gerlitzen wooden ball home as a souvenir from an adventurous day in the Funpark Kanzelbahn.


All information on the Wood’n’Fun products can be found here.


Fotocredits: Gerlitzen Kanzelhöhe - Stefanie Samitz, Region Villach Tourismus  Martin Hofmann

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