Safe through the "Corona winter"

Equipment for ski resorts, ski schools, restaurants and shops

The upcoming winter season will be a special challenge for all of us. For that reason, we have developed a range of products for you, in order to be able to master these in the best possible way. All these products can be designed individually according to your requirements!


Keep Distance & Wear a Mask

Information can also be funny and likeable! The foam figures can be used in many ways.

Design can be customized.
Keep Distance (100x84x15 cm) Wear a Mask (100x60x15 cm)

Individual banners

Installation at entrances to lifts and restaurants, ...

Dimensions and design can be selected individually
Water and dirt repellent, air permeable

Custom fence

Separation & information: In front of lifts, in the sales area, for ski schools, ...

Dimensions and design can be selected individually, Water repellent, air permeable

Cube with COVID safety instructions

Versatile use: as an interactive tool for ski schools,
in waiting areas, at assembly points, ...

Can be designed individually

COVID info board

As a foam or aluminum board, it can be used anywhere in the ski area.

Product description: foam board (140 x 100 x 10 cm) aluminum board (50 x 70 cm)


In the checkout area, in the queuing area for ski lifts, ...

Fastening rod Ø 25 x 1600 mm, including printed tarpaulin with foam filling: 33 x 20 cm

Toucan & Speaker

Audiovisual information in the ski area, gastronomy, in front of shops, and much more.

Audio system also without Toucan available

Speed Bar

For the low-threshold delimitation of areas in the children's ski area, when accessing lifts,….

Dimensions: 250 x 30 x 30 cm including individual design

Snow Snake

For the low-threshold delimitation of areas in the children's ski area, when accessing lifts,….

Dimensions: 750 x 10 cm
Colors: Red and Yellow

Solux Gallery

Roofing solution for restaurants, ski schools, ...

Modular system from 200cm length / width: 200cm (e.g. for 1 alpine seating set) excl. Stickers for COVID information

Toucan Disinfection!

Make a statement in the truest sense of the word. The combination of Toucan and integrated disinfectant dispenser cannot be overlooked and is an important part of a Corona concept.
Can be used in the run-up to cash registers and lifts, restaurants and ski schools, but also in front of shops and in the municipal area.
Individual design and the possibility of exchanging the cover make the Toucan with disinfectant dispenser a sustainable investment.

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