Brandauer Mountain Coaster Interview

With the beginning of this year, the Brandauer summer toboggan runs have become part of the Sunkid World. In the following interview, Sunkid managing directors Dipl. Ing. Herbert Zopf and Mag. Emanuel Wohlfarter will tell us about how the combination came to pass and what objectives they pursue with it.

Sunkid already had a very broad product range before the Mountain Coaster was added to it. Why did you decide to take this latest step of expansion?

Wohlfarter: The last ten years have seen us develop from winter sports to a year-round provider of family adventures. The Mountain Coaster summer toboggan run is a perfect fit for us. It sustainably reinforces our position as the number-one provider for year-round leisure experiences for children and their families.

What are Sunkid's goals for the Brandauer summer toboggan run? What is going to change?

Wohlfarter: Of course, we want to continue on the successful path Ing. Josef Brandauer took in the last 25 years to stay on top of the market. Many of his long-term employees support us in achieving a seamless transfer of business.

Sunkid invented the "Zauberteppich" conveyor belt and developed it continually in the course of the last 23 years. Can we assume that the same will happen with the summer toboggan run?

Zopf: Brandauer and his team kept their product technically up to date in the last years as well. It is still one of the best available on the market in 2019. Of course, we will continue to invest time and money into continuous improvement in the next years as well.

What do you think are the advantages of the Brandauer Mountain Coaster as compared to competitors? How are you planning to stand out on the market?

Zopf: The Mountain Coaster is the only tried and tested monorail system in the world. The riding feel is entirely different and much more intense than in other facilities. The Mountain Coaster also has a smart build that makes it much more cost-efficient and permits setup and removal within just a few days if necessary (editor's note: if the same slope is used for skiing in winter). Use of existing infrastructure is an essential advantage of the Mountain Coaster. Transport is possible using existing T-bar, chair or cabin lifts.

Wohlfarter: Finally, I might mention that nothing will change for existing customers. Many employees continue in the same jobs. Some of them have known the Mountain Coaster for decades. Our corporate structure enables us to offer existing and future customers an even better service network. Not only that: We now have infinite opportunities for staging new and existing facilities alike and can develop a complete offer that covers all aspects of the mountain world.

Thank you for the interview. We wish Sunkid and the Brandauer Mountain Coaster all the best!

More about the Mountain Coaster: Here


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