Entrance portals as a new eye-catcher

The Troll Express (ESF Les Brasses/FRA) was one of the first Sunkid conveyor belts equipped with a rolling gate and themed entrance area

The children's skiing area of the skiing school ESF Les Brasses was expanded and set up completely anew. It is built around the 114-metre-long Sunkid conveyor belt, called the Troll Express, with its LED-illuminated Evolus gallery and innovative entrance portals. The previous portal solution was improved and can now be supplemented with a remote-controlled electrical rolling gate. A rolling gate not only has the practical use of protection from wind and weather while not in operation, but also enormously improves the facility's visual appearance, which is a great advantage for the operator. In combination with customised films on aluminium composite panels, the system presents an extremely harmonious image. A special additional feature is that portals offer perfect photo points to visitors in the days of social media. Use this trend as well and design a custom entrance area in your skiing area's Corporate Design. Create a unique recognition value for your destination with the Sunkid entrance portals!


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