Sunkid Invests in the Future

The new Sunkid & Bruckschlögl competence centre for innovation, design and development leads the way.

Sunkid is taking a large step into the future with opening its new main building in Bad Goisern. Bruckschlögl from Upper-Austrian Bad Goisern, is the central innovation and design site within the Sunkid family. Apart from this, it not only is the place where Sunkid conveyor belts and lifts are produced, but also the origin of prototypes for the theme park industry and many other products. Dipl. Ing. (FH) Herbert Zopf, managing director at Bruckschlögl and CTO of Sunkid group is rightfully proud of the new company building: “Our new centre for innovation, design and administration is a clear step into the future in terms of equipment as well as premises." Modern offices for two or three employees can be converted into large group workspaces with sliding doors. This facilitates communication in projects spanning several teams. The brightly lit atrium hosts an inviting meeting area that inspires to work department-comprehensive work.

"Comfortable meeting rooms with state-of-the-art technology, electrically height-adjustable tables that turn a conventional work station into a standing table within seconds, and a great number of other treats turn the competence centre into a workplace that demands highest performance while offering freedom and a chance to recover in between," Sunkid CEO Mag. (FH) Emanuel Wohlfarter says, impressed by the competence centre as well. With its floor space nearly tripled and expansion options already anchored in the plan, Sunkid and Bruckschlögl are all set up for strong future growth already.


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Regional roots and a global network


Bruckschlögl in Bad Goisern has been a company rooted in the region but active far beyond Austrian borders for more than 130 years. More than 70 employees develop, design and produce diverse applications and products from the areas of conveyor and cableway technology, plant construction and mechanical engineering. Bruckschlögl is responsible for development and design within Sunkid group. High-quality production of all conveyor belts and lifts of the Sunkid brand is located here as well. Bruckschlögl also takes care of prototype construction and design for many rides and attractions for the global theme park industry.

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