The Conveyor Belt on the tracks of the Mayans

A Sunkid conveyor belt of the latest generation found a new home in the Guatemalan highlands, where the Mayans used to live.

The Irtra institute opened the Xejuyup theme park to offer residents and tourists of the Departamento Retalhuleu another adventure. The word "Xejuyup" is Quiché or Cakchiquel and means "at the foot of the hill". The great highlight in the new theme park is a tubing facility with the tried and tested Sunkid conveyor belt that takes guests up 13.7 metres on 66‑metre-long section, from where they can slide down the mats on tubes. The park has many other attractions, too, including themed accommodation, fishing areas, horseback riding, mountain bike routes, an interactive farm and an artificial lake.

Irtra embedded its theme park beautifully into nature. It is a four hours' drive from Guatemala-City. As Ricardo Castillo, president of the administrative council of Irtra, emphasises, it aims to give all visitors memorable adventures in combination with the mysticism of nature. "We share this area with the characteristic flora and fauna of the region, including infinite numbers of beautiful birds. This is where we can enjoy activities such as fishing, riding and going on adventures. Anyone who loves to feel adrenalin shooting through their veins and is looking for strong emotion can try the tubing facility. The conveyor belt makes it a unique attraction as an ideal climbing aid," says Castillo.

This project once again highlights the variability and diversity of the conveyor belt. Sunkid has already installed more than 3,500 of these facilities in more than 70 countries. Other possible applications can be found here …


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