Fascination "Streif" 

In the Footsteps of Franz Klammer, Hermann Maier and Co.

A new world of experience is waiting for its young heroes on what is likely the most demanding downhill slope in the entire World Cup, where skiers once became legends: the "Streif"!

Since the summer season of 2019, the world-famous Hahnenkamm has housed the new "Streif" world of experience, where children and adults alike can get very close to the pros in nine activity stations following the course of the original track. Setting out from the starting hut requires good nerves already. This starting slope is deemed the steepest one anywhere in the world of skiing, accelerating skiers to more than 60 km/h in no more than three seconds.

Even though the "Streif" experience path is not quite that speedy, it does take some courage to start out on the slope slide down from the original starting hut. Once mastering the starting slope, visitors continue to the next key point, the infamous "Mausefalle", followed by a technically demanding 180° swing to the right into the carousel. The exit to the "Steilhang" and "Brückenschuss" elements, as well as the "Seidalmsprung" section, have been incorporated, with the latter forming the central element of the "Streif" experience path. The "Streif" script in three-metre-high letters is impossible to miss. Beyond being a unique photo motive, it serves as a playground for children. Benches and deck chairs made of larch wood invite adults to relax and enjoy, while the youngest visitors can play on the adventure playground.

After a brief rest, the tour continues into the essential finish. Over the "Hausbergkante", the path morphs into the traverse, where a "motor skills section" takes young racers to their limits. The finishing line is near, but the final stretch is still ahead. In the form of two tube slides, it adds a grand finale to a unique experience hike. The successful project has inspired great joy not only among the mountain railways, the tourism association and the municipality, but also at Sunkid. "Being part of such a project around the legendary 'Streif' isn't an everyday matter. We are happy to have been part of this," Sunkid's managing director Emanuel Wohlfarter summarises.


Fotocredits: c.by. Michael_Werlberger, Kitzbühel Tourismus

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