The New Mega Comfort Star

The small skiing lift from Sunkid not only complies with the new cable way regulation (EU) 2016/424, but also stands out with many technical innovations.

In light of the new ropeway directive (EU) 2016/424, in force since 2018, Sunkid modernised its proven Mega Comfort Star, relying on many new features for even more comfort:

  • The new comfort button-lift pole service makes it even easier for the user to pull in the comfort button-lift pole.
  • The inclination motors for adjusting the cable course were integrated into the housing, protecting them even better from weather effects.
  • The same applies to the grip hoist for tensioning the cable. Thus, the hanging of the lift pole is prevented on the grip hoist.
  • The grip hoist for tensioning the cable and the handle latch for fall protection during height adjustment were also fully integrated into the housing.
  • The addition of an electronic height adjustment control allows the adjustment of the valley and mountain station from one location.
  • Due to these measures, the design has also been revised. The new Mega Comfort Star could be made much more modern and dynamic. In addition, it is possible to customize the fiberglass covers individually.
  • The new generation of the proven Sunkid lift is now height adjustable from 1.0 to 5.0 meters à 1 meter more space than before

Info: The first facility of the new Mega Comfort Star was opened in the Hochoetz skiing area. It is called the "Widi-Lift".


The button-lift pole service of the new Mega Comfort Star



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