The World's Largest Wood Experience Sphere

40 meters high, 50 meters in diameter and weighing about 800 tons: these are just a few of the incredible key figures of the gigantic project at the Steinberg Lake.

Sunkid and Almholz have been an outstanding duo for years. After many successful projects to look back on, Almholz was now able to implement a project filled to the brim with superlatives.

Since the beginning of this year, a new type of experience architecture has been towering over the Steinberg Lake. It is the world's largest accessible wood experience sphere. The masterpiece implemented by Sunkid's partner Almholz offers space for 950 visitors at a time. After climbing a slope about 700 meters in length, visitors are rewarded with a breath-taking view of the Steinberg Lake from 40 meters above. This is the first time that a sphere of this kind has been implemented at such a size. The master piece's details reflect the effort involved. The wood experience sphere weighs about 800 tons, is 40 meters high and has a diameter of 50 meters. The gigantic project contains 627 m³ of laminated timber, 190 tons of steel parts, 180 m² of solid wood, 80,000 screws and 18,000 bolts, construction screws and rod dowels, 3,300 m² of covering panels and about 2,200 serial meters of railings.

The wood experience sphere not only stands out for its beautiful view but also with its other activities. The wooden structure houses more than 30 experience and movement stations that challenge visitors' coordination, fitness and balance. Two exciting hanging bridges can be crossed at a height of 25 meters. The boldest visitors can enjoy the giant slide that takes them the equivalent of 12 floors down as a rapid shortcut.


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