300 meters Moving Carpet in Pipeline Park
And throughout the year

One of the longest and fastest Moving Carpet in North America brings freeriders back to the start of the Freeride Park.

Place: Woodward /Year: 2017 / Product: Moving Carpet

Pipeline Park is Woodward's largest summer park and is located in the same spot where the Terrain Park at Copper Mountain is located in the winter. Depending on snow conditions, the park typically has several lines, a quaterpipe and numerous other obstacles.
A 300-meter Moving Carpet with speeds of up to 1.2 m/s transports freeriders to the top year-round.

  • Installation site: Copper Mountain/Woodward (USA)
  • Purpose of the carpet: Training Park
  • Length: 300 meters
  • Surface: Ruff-Top
  • Speed: up to 1,2 m/s
  • Drive: 45 KW motor
  • Belt width: 600 mm
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Moving Carpet
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