Sunkid Moving Carpet at the Festival Boomtown
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Sunkid Moving Carpet transports festival visitors

Place: Winchester /Year: 2014 / Product: Moving Carpet

Winchester (UK): For the second time, a Sunkid Moving Carpet transported weary Boomtown festival-goers up the "Hippy Highway Hill".

The Sunkid Moving Carpet is not only used for winter sports - it can also be rented for events. An exceptional example of this is the Boomtown Festival in Winchester (England). Once a year, an entire city is built up on the festival grounds with a wide variety of districts where festival visitors can let off steam as they please. In order to offer the visitors more comfort, to make the climb up the "Hippy Highway Hill" easier and to create a connection between "Downtown" and "Uptown" in the heart of Boomtown, a 132m Moving Carpet has been installed for the second time.

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