Mountain railroads Scuol Motta Naluns expand Kinderland

Sunkid & BORER Lift AG installed 111m Moving Carpet with Gallery Conveyor Canopy

Place: Scuol /Year: 2009 / Product: Moving Carpet

Positive experience with BORER

The family-friendly ski area of Bergbahnen Scuol expanded its children's and beginners' area with a new conveyor belt for the 2008/09 winter season. With the support of Sunkid and BORER Lift AG, planning and concept development began a year in advance. The Bergbahnen Scuol decided on a 111 m long Moving Carpet, as well as the gallery conveyor belt roofing! The new Moving Carpet is thus visible from afar and represents a true visual highlight!

Kinderland planning with Sunkid and BORER

Bergbahnen Scuol Motta Naluns began the planning and concept for the expansion of the Kinderland a year in advance. From the very beginning, BORER Lift AG, Sunkid's sales partner in Switzerland, was on hand to provide advice and was thus able to support Bergbahnen Scuol with its extensive experience. Thus, the operators decided to extend the two existing installations from 2001 of BORER Lift AG by an additional Moving Carpet with a length of 111m.


As a special service for the guests of Bergbahnen Scuol, the operators of the 111m-long lift decided to install the Sunkid Galerie conveyor belt roofing. This protects passengers from wind, rain, snow and cold. Thanks to the conveyor belt roof, the operator benefits from greater operational safety and lower maintenance costs, which pays off.

Description of the Sunkid Gallery Conveyor Canopy

  • Modular construction in which the heaviest part weighs 25 kg. This allows the entire gallery to be assembled and disassembled by two people.
  • Passage width max. 2,2 m
  • Interior height 2,3 m
  • Entrances and exits every 1.8 m with a passage width of 1.2 m, which can be closed with self-rolling tarpaulins in high-quality truck tarpaulin quality.
  • Specially designed and manufactured aluminum profile with the following advantages
    • low weight (one module weighs 25 kg - can be moved by one person)
    • high load capacity (wind speed up to 185 km/h, snow load up to 1m)
    • polycarbonate panels can be fixed without drilling and screwing
  • high-quality UV-resistant polycarbonate panels (thickness 3 mm)
  • connecting dome between the aluminum modules allows adjustment to concave and convex railing up to +/- 5 % per 3 m
  • 40 cm gangway widening on both sides in proven Sunkid standard design - solid metal construction with high-quality snow fleece covering
  • Robust, galvanized side rails extending 20 cm above conveyor belt and snow level, preventing possible damage to the polycarbonate panes by snow removal, piste equipment and winter sports equipment.
  • Lockable end doors made of high-quality aluminum profile construction
  • Visual enhancement (tarpaulins can be supplied in all RAL colors)
  • Can be retrofitted to conveyor belts that are already installed

To further increase operational safety, an approx. 2 m deep light well was installed below the drive station. This was equipped with a heating and drainage system, which allows the incoming snow to melt easily and quickly. This eliminates the need for snow cleaning at the drive station and minimizes the amount of work required.

The first experiences of Bergbahnen Scuol in this winter season are very positive. Children and even adults are pleased with the expansion in the children's and beginners' area. "We could always rely on BORER Lift AG and received the best support regarding concept, planning, authority and installation!" Arno Neuhäusler, technical manager of Bergbahnen Scuol, is pleased about the good cooperation.


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