Piane di Mocogno (IT): The longest covered conveyor belt in the Emilia Romangna region proven

A Sunkid Moving Carpet replaces 2 surface lifts at the same time

Place: Piane di Mocogno /Year: 2011 / Product: Moving Carpet
  • Higher capacity
  • Easier to use, suitable for children and beginners
  • Multifunctionality (ski, snowboard, toboggan, pedestrian, fun sports equipment, etc.)
  • Year-round usability (winter & summer)
  • More comfort for passengers
  • Less shutdowns - especially with the Sunkid Radius side exit
  • Less space required
  • Length changes possible at any time without problems
  • Location changes possible at any time without problems
  • Easier installation
  • Simpler and faster
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Lower investment costs depending on equipment
The Sunkid conveyor belt as a replacement for lifts:
Suitable for children and beginners
189 m
750 mm
max. Speed:
1.2 m/s

The region of Emilia Romagna is widely known for its culinary specialties such as Parma ham, balsamic vinegar or Parmesan cheese. But winter sports enthusiasts can also experience true moments of pleasure in this region. At Monte Cantiere, for example, you will not only find a breathtaking panorama, but since this winter also a technical treat in the form of a 189-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet with gallery. Its ingredients include a 750mm wide extra-strong conveyor belt, a combination exit, an active hydraulic Mammut tensioning station and the innovative 1.2 m/sec high-speed version.

The increasing number of guests in the Piane di Mocogno ski area on Monte Cantiere brought the two surface lifts installed until last winter to the limits of their transport capacity. As this area is visited by a large number of families with small children and the operators were looking for a lift suitable for beginners in winter and summer, their choice fell on the Sunkid Moving Carpet.

The conveyor belt width of 750mm offers maximum comfort In order to make it easier for parents to ride with their offspring, a conveyor belt with a width of 750mm was chosen. This width makes it possible to comfortably hold the little ones between the legs. It can also be used to transport fun sports equipment such as snow tubes, toboggans, slides of all kinds and bicycles in summer.

The conveyor belt, which is driven by a 30KW motor, consists of a belt made of natural rubber with 4 tensile layers and a standard breaking strength of500N/mm, which is manufactured in our own factory.

Vulcanized driving modules (Blue-Eyes) provide a safe stand on the Moving Carpet and guarantee the highest driving capacity.

The speed of the conveyor belt can be continuously adjustedup to 1.2 m/s. In addition to the advantage of shorter travel times, this allows the transport capacity to be further increased. The theoretical conveying capacity of this system is 1,400 persons per hour.

Due to the convex-concave adaptation of the Moving Carpet including gallery to the terrain in Piane di Mocogno, it is not possible for the lift personnel to have a complete overview of the conveyor belt from one position. In order to avoid a security gap,three cameras have been installed along the gallery, which transmit the events to a monitor in the lift hut. An intercom system completes the security concept.

Invisible to the customer, but of great benefit to the operator, is the heating option that can be switched on as needed. Heating elements along the entire track heat the stainless steel guide surface and ensure that the conveyor belt is kept free of snow and ice even in the most adverse conditions. To prevent the heat from escaping downwards, the heating conductors are enclosed by a U-insulation profile. In addition, heating cups including drainage are installed at the top and bottom stations to dispose of snow accumulations as if by "magic". This unique heating concept from Sunkid thus makes it easier for the operator to operate and maintain his system.

In line with this concept, this system was also equipped with an active hydraulic tensioning station. This Mammut tensioning station takes care of the appropriate correction of length changes resulting from use in both winter and summer, as well as from the length of the conveyor belt of 189 meters. The tensioning force of the Moving Carpet is constantly regulated by means of a hydraulic cylinder with a tensioning travel of an impressive 2.5 meters and a bladder accumulator with a 55 dm³ filling capacity.

The Sunkid Gallery can be installed on any model of Sunkid Moving Carpet and can also be retrofitted to existing installations. Due to the proven modular design, concave and convex terrain is no obstacle for the Sunkid Gallery. High-quality UV-resistant 3 mm thick polycarbonate panes, an interior width of 2.2 m, and an interior height of 2.3 m ensure a spacious feeling. Due to self-retracting tarpaulins at the exits, the opening of the gallery works easily, simply and quickly even at low temperatures, including gloves. In the valley and on the mountain of the facility, the gallery is closed overnight by means of lockable gates.

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