Waterpark Conveyor for Loopagoon
Sunkid supplies a 40.5-meter moving carpet for the world's first water park open exclusively to women and children

Waterpark Conveyor for Loopagoon

Place: Al Khobar /Year: 2020 / Product: Moving Carpet


    Not far from Dammam, the capital of Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, Half Moon Bay is the best-known and most popular beach in the entire region. In early September, Loopagoon, the Eastern Province's first large and modern water park, opened there.

    With a population of over 3.2 million, the metropolitan region is an excellent location for the first large water park in Saudi Arabia's largest province. Covering an area of almost 16,000 m², Loopagoon offers its visitors numerous slides, a surf pool, a water playground for children and much more.

    Sunkid supplied and installed the raft return conveyor for the spectacular slide system. The 40.5-meter-long special conveyor belt with Blue Eye rubber belt transports the 4-person tubes up the slide tower and removes them again at a central loading station.

    Fact Box:

    • Length: 40.5 m
    • Type of tires: 4-person Family Rafts 78" (diameter approx. 2 m)
    • 600 mm Sunkid Blue Eye belt
    • Sensors for demand-controlled conveyance
    • Incline approx. 20.7 ° (38 %)
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