Moving Carpet: The Sunkid Moving Carpet helps save energy

Innovations in the Brunni-Alpthal and Nendaz ski areas (CH). Through technical innovations, the Moving Carpet makes an active contribution to the conservation of energy expenditure

Place: Alpthal /Year: 2014 / Product: Moving Carpet

Ski area expansions usually entail increased energy expenditure. However, as a member of the "Eco-Guide", the Nandez region is very interested in sustainable development in the ski area. For this reason, a Sunkid Moving Carpet with automatic "Eco Save" access control is used there. A different approach is taken at the Ski Lift Brunni-Alpthal, where a Moving Carpet is powered by renewable solar energy to conserve resources.


Info: The Moving Carpet requires less energy than the solar system produces

"The solar plant integrated directly into the operating building actually produces more energy than is needed to operate the 50-meter Moving Carpet" notes Raphael Auf der Maur, the managing director of the Brunni Ski Lift in Alpthal, with satisfaction after a successful season. The Moving Carpet transports skiers, snowboarders and tobogganers there. The non-slip Blue-Eye surface of the belt and the infinitely variable speed adjustment provide the ideal support for this.

To further improve logistics within the ski area in Nendaz (Quatre Vallees), a 130 meter and 750mm wide Sunkid Moving Carpet with Blue-Eye surface was installed there. This has an 18.5 KW motor controlled by an "Eco Save" access control system. This means that the conveyor belt only starts moving when passengers approach or ride up on it. If no one is standing at the Moving Carpet, the belt stops after a few seconds and requires no energy during this time. The system is therefore comparable to the "start-stop" automatic system familiar from motor vehicles.


The Sunkid Moving Carpet with "Eco Save" access system

Furthermore, a traffic light system regulates controlled access to the conveyor belt. This measure allows the power of the motor to be efficiently adapted to the load exerted by the passengers. The Moving Carpet is used in the ski area as an ascent aid for the beginners' area on the one hand and as a return conveyor for the guests of the gondola lift on the other hand.

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