In Annaberg, the focus is on the children...

Igniting idea: Ski School Freeride-Alpin with new ski Indian children's land

Place: Annaberg /Year: 2009 / Product: Moving Carpet

...because you are the winter sports enthusiasts of tomorrow! For this reason, the new Ski School Freeride Alpin under the triumvirate: Franz Quehenberger, Florian Rettenegger and Ferdinand Hirscher has now completely focused on this target group. The children's area resembles a town from the Wild West. In addition to a saloon and jail, there are also matching Indian tipi tents. Each child also receives his or her own Indian feather as a "helmet ornament". Feel good all around, that is the goal of the Ski School Freeride-Alpin.

Sunkid Moving Carpet for easy ascent

As an ascent aid for the children's and beginners' area, the Ski School decided on two Sunkid Moving Carpet. A 15 m and a 66 m conveyor belt are available for the children's beginners. The longer conveyor belt separates the snowboard area from the children's area, but at the same time the same groups can be transported up with a lift. The ease of use and multi-functionality were the deciding factors for this solution.

new school - chill out

Many new-school elements characterize the image of SS Freeride-Alpin. This is also a focus for advanced children or already older winter sports enthusiasts. There are even separate courses on the topic of new school to teach participants professional techniques. The "chill out" factor is also important here. Purposefully positioned elements, such as a couch or armchairs in the middle of the slope contribute to the modern image of the Ski School Freeride-Alpin.

The experiences of the first winter have been very positive and the great feedback for the new Kinderland raises the joy for upcoming tasks.

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