Moving Carpet: With the Moving Carpet from the parking lot to the ski area

Levi (FIN): Finland's first Sunkid Moving Carpet with EVOLUS gallery offers users a convenient entry to the ski area or beginner terrain

Place: Kittilä /Year: 2014 / Product: Moving Carpet

Levi in the north of Finland is known to most people not only as a ski resort, but also as a traditional venue for the Alpine Ski World Cup. This year, the women's slalom will be held there again in a few weeks. However, there will also be a premiere in Levi. Namely in the form of the first Sunkid Moving Carpet with EVOLUS gallery to be installed in Finland.

This is now located in the immediate vicinity of the park, right next to the storage pond. The pond, which is frozen over in winter, serves as an access area to the ski area for skiers. But it also serves as an exercise/play area for non-skiers. The 48 meter long Moving Carpet, which can be used free of charge, plays a central role there. On the one hand, it transports skiers up a bit so that they can ski down to the chairlifts located next to the parking lot. On the other hand, it is used by beginners and children to learn how to ski on the slopes to its sides.

Levi (FIN)
Development of ski school grounds & access to the ski area
48 m
600 mm
Blue eye surface
5.5 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/s
Ø Gradient :
11 %
Capacity :
1300 pph

This is practical for the (grand)parents, who are in the non-skiing area and can still keep an eye on their children. Due to the cold often prevailing in this geographical location, the Sunkid Gallery EVOLUS protects the mostly small users not only during snowfall but also during strong winds and frosty temperatures. After the first season, the operators were so satisfied with the Sunkid Moving Carpet that another one will be installed this year to offer guests even more comfort in the Levi ski area.

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