Innsbruck/Igls (A): The Sunkid Comfort Star on the Olympic Mountain

The Comfort Star small ski lift on the Patscherkofel Olympic Mountain offers the ideal gap between the Sunkid Moving Carpet and the "big" stirrup lift.

Place: Igls /Year: 2012 / Product: Moving Carpet
  • Length wheel-wheel 130 m,
  • Ø gradient 17 %, (up to 40% possible)
  • Conveying capacity theoretically maximum approx. 650 persons per hour,
  • 11 kW motor
  • Speed adjustment with frequency converter
  • exit station 70 cm mechanically adjustable in height
  • steel rope Ø 9 mm with
  • Comfort-Teller shackles approx. every 10 m twist-free mounted on the rope
  • Hydraulic height adjustment up to 2.4 m (variant)
  • Hot-dip galvanized construction
  • Overtravel safety devices at top and bottom stations Stirrup training station
The data of the Sunkid "Comfort-Star" on the example of the installation on the Patscherkofel:
130 m
11 kW
Ø Gradient :
17 %
650 pph

Innsbruck/Igls is the only place in the world where the Olympic flame for Winter Games has already been lit three times. Just a few weeks ago, the alpine competitions of the first-ever Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) were held there. But even every Olympic champion starts from scratch in skiing. As a gap between the Moving Carpet for beginners and various "big" stirrup lifts for advanced skiers, Patscherkofel mastermind Peter Schröcksnadel has therefore been offering his guests a Sunkid Comfort Star since the beginning of this winter.


While the Moving Carpet does not pose any major problems for beginners, the subsequent transfer to various stirrup lifts can have its pitfalls. In order to ensure that the individual skill levels can be interlinked as smoothly as possible, Sunkid offers the "Comfort Star" small ski lift. This small ski lift offers the advantage that it introduces beginners to ski lifts in a simple way. And that up to 300 meters without support and without a fixed foundation.

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