213 meters long Moving Carpet
with gallery roofing

Sunkid with major project at 2000m in Speikboden

Place: Campo Tures BZ /Year: 2008 / Product: Moving Carpet

In Sand in Taufers in the South Tyrolean Ahrntal is the ski area of Speikboden. In the middle of the fantastic alpine panorama at 2000m above sea level, Sunkid Italy built a 213-meter Moving Carpet with an extra-wide 750mm conveyor belt, the Sunkid Gallery conveyor belt canopy and the patented Sunkid Radius side exit. A fascinating project and another highlight for Sunkid in Italy!

Those responsible at the Speikboden ski area can look back on a year full of innovations. For the 2008 winter season, a modern 8-person gondola lift was built in the ski area and a new snow park was created. In order to improve the offer for beginners as well, Sunkid Italy was commissioned with the installation of a Moving Carpet conveyor belt.

A 213m long Sunkid Moving Carpet was installed, equipped with a 30 KW drive motor. This allows the Moving Carpet to reach a theoretical conveyor line of up to 1,400 skiers or 2,000 pedestrians. Thanks to the proven modular design of the Sunkid conveyor belt and the Sunkid gallery, concave-convex terrain is no problem.

What makes the Sunkid Moving Carpet in Speikboden special, apart from its length, is the fact that it is equipped with many other Sunkid extras. For example, a wider conveyor belt of 750mm is used in Speikboden ? especially pedestrians, snowboarders and parents with children are thrilled by the comfortable width. Guests are protected against snow, rain, wind and cold by the Sunkid Gallery conveyor belt roof. In addition to the guests, the operators also appreciate the Sunkid Gallery, which ensures quick start-up and minimal maintenance even in the most adverse weather conditions and snowfall.

In the exit area, Sunkid installed the patented Sunkid Radius side exit. This is a new exit philosophy for conveyor belts. The passenger exits at the last center section before the drive station on the left or right side. This middle section is designed in a curved shape (radius), which allows the passenger to simply turn his winter sports equipment sideways at the highest point of the curve (where there is the smallest contact surface - only at certain points). In addition, exit rails are attached to the sides, which the passenger can hold and turn on. The advantages of the Sunkid Radius side exit are, on the one hand, the reduction of shutdowns and the prevention of snow accumulation when the conveyor belt is pulled in, allowing almost maintenance-free operation during the day.

With all its extras, the 213m long Sunkid Moving Carpet represents a true highlight for Speikboden AG and Sunkid.

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