Moving Carpet in the largest Tubing Park in Europe

Leysin (CH): A 117-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet with EVOLUS gallery transports the "Wintertubers" to the starting line

Place: Leysin /Year: 2014 / Product: Moving Carpet

The Tobogganing Park near Montreux (Lake Geneva) is one of the most spectacular tubing facilities in the world. In this huge facility, the Swiss Olympic medalist and world champion in bobsledding Silvio Giobellina builds every year up to 11 new snowtubing tracks with a length of up to 300 meters. The start of the slopes is located on a 5-meter high tower, from which the spirited winter sports enthusiasts can plunge down and reach speeds up to 60 km/h.

To calm down after so much adrenaline then provides the comfortable ascent with the Sunkid Moving Carpet. This is covered by an EVOLUS gallery, which not only pleases the Moving Carpet users, but also Silvio Giobellina as the operator of the facility. After all, the maintenance of the snow tracks itself takes up a lot of time. So it is all the more gratifying for him and his staff that the Moving Carpet and its gallery could not be ready for operation any faster: Simply arrive in the morning, open the entrance gates and emergency exits - and switch on the Moving Carpet.

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