Sunkid Moving Carpet at the southernmost ski resort in the world

Moving Carpet for the ski resort with the longest ski season

Place: Departamento Ushuaia /Year: 2018 / Product: Moving Carpet

Cerro Castor ski resort is located in the department of Ushuaia (Argentina, Tierra del Fuego). For skiing and snowboarding there are about 29 km of slopes and 12 lifts transport the guests.

The winter sports area is located at an altitude of 195 to 958 meters and is about 28 km from Ushuaia.

The ski resort has the longest ski season in Argentina and is probably the most southern ski resort in the world.

In the center of the ski area is a beginner area, which already has two Sunkid Moving Carpet including gallery and a Rotondo since 2009. Over the years, two more Moving Carpet were added. The conveyor belts ensure that the first steps in the snow are now even more fun and the various ascents are made easier.

With the help of the Sunkid Rotondo, the beginners' area becomes complete. The ski instructors have a modern teaching aid at their disposal, which teaches the children how to make turns in a playful way and, in addition, the children have a varied day of skiing.

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