Lohmar-Wahlscheid (D): The world's longest golf conveyor belt at Golfclub Schloss Auel

The Moving Carpet also proves its versatility off the winter slopes

Place: Lohmar /Year: 2011 / Product: Moving Carpet

A varied and hilly terrain, plus a breathtaking panorama and a well-kept course with a total of 27 holes - the demanding golfer is offered a lot at Golfclub Schloss Auel. Thanks to a 159m-long golf conveyor belt from Sunkid, golfers of all ages maintain their optimal playing rhythm despite the challenging topography.

With the Austrian company Sunkid as the inventor of modern Person Conveyor Belts with over 2,300 reference installations in 45 countries, the competent partner for the golf conveyor belt project at Golfclub Schloss Auel was immediately found. The fact that the conveyor belt had to be 750mm wide for optimum transport of the golfers together with their golf trolleys was already known from previous projects. The length of 159m also meant that this installation would be the longest golf conveyor belt in the world.

Idyllic site with history

It takes less than 30 minutes by car to escape the hustle and bustle of Cologne or Bonn and reach the idyllic Auel Castle in Lohmar-Wahlscheid on the edge of the Bergisches Land region. This baroque castle - originally built as a moated castle and already mentioned in a document in 1391 - forms the center of a spacious complex where guests such as Napoleon, Tsar Alexander or Emperor Wilhelm II have stayed. Today, Schloss Auel is also known as a well-managed golf club, which enjoys great popularity among golfers from near and far. The modern 27-hole golf course, together with the driving range and the clubhouse, fits wonderfully into the ensemble of wooded hills, meadows and the historic walls.

Topography as a challenge

The more than 900 members of the golf club can not only enjoy a magnificent panorama, but also play a thoroughly challenging 18-hole course (par73/74). Because of the hilly character and the surrounding forest and meadow areas, each hole has its own individuality.

The rhythm of play counts - even for sporty players

The tees 2 to 9 are located on a plateau, which offers a wonderful view of the Bergisches Land. Until there, however, the first hole has to be played quite sportily uphill. In total, there are almost 60 meters of elevation to overcome until the second tee - but thanks to the conveyor belt from Sunkid, these can now be easily mastered even by players without a golf cart. The difference in height between the first two tees is equivalent to the height of an almost 20-story house. Says club manager Werner Witte: "In the past, it was difficult to maintain an optimum playing rhythm without a golf cart, even for very athletic players. The conveyor belt is the ideal solution for athletes who want to do without the golf cart." With its very quiet and efficient 15kW motor, the conveyor belt thus transports golfers reliably and quickly up an average 20% incline.

More attractive thanks to conveyor belt

The conveyor belt from Golfclub Schloss Auel is naturally very popular with golfers at the club and beyond, especially since it has already been operating flawlessly for a season. Some actually come to Lohmar out of sheer curiosity about the new technology, but most simply appreciate the practical aspects of the golf conveyor belt. "Thanks to the conveyor belt from Sunkid, more players are now also coming to us who want to do without a golf cart and walk. However, the rental of the buggies has not decreased because of this," explains club manager Witte in this regard.

Reliable technology

in the world's longest golf conveyor belt As soon as the entry area is entered, the belt starts moving automatically, thus saving energy. Thanks to the sophisticated and proven technology, which originally comes from the alpine ski area, common dirt, rain, leaves or snow cannot harm the belt. Like the entire golf course, the conveyor belt can therefore be operated all year round. The Person Conveyor Belt is also monitored by video from the golf club's office and can be controlled from there.

Popular with young and old

Due to its intuitive use, the golf conveyor belt is very popular with golfers of all ages. The speed of the conveyor belt - not set too fast by the golf club - transports the flight quickly to the next tee and still allows the wonderful view to take effect. So nothing stands in the way of a beautiful round of golf.

  • ... a conveyor belt is not an escalator or moving walkway? Due to proven technology, Person Conveyor Belts can be used for outdoor applications and are also easier to adapt to the terrain. Since no structural measures such as foundations are required, conveyor belts can be more easily assembled, disassembled or extended and are also less expensive than a moving walkway.
  • ... Sunkid is considered the inventor of the conveyor belt lift? For over 15 years, more than 3,200 systems have been installed for a wide variety of applications - from ski conveyor belts to conveyor belts on golf courses and amusement parks to mobile model catwalks.
  • ... that inclines of 20% or more can be overcome? And at a speed of up to 1.2m/s.
  • ... that enormous transport capacities are possible with Person Conveyor Belts? Even systems with conveyor belt widths of 1.2m and lengths of up to 400m can quickly transport people upwards.
  • ... that a Sunkid golf conveyor is exceptionally energy-efficient? In addition, it usually has an automatic shut-off so that it only runs when it is actually being used. At the customer's request, even canopies with photovoltaic panels provide additional environmentally friendly electricity.
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