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Spanish amusement park expands summer offerings with tubing and conveyor belt lifts

Place: Arguedas /Year: 2010 / Product: Moving Carpet
  • Length: 294 m
  • propulsion: 44 KW
  • Driving speed: 1,2 m/s
  • Gradient: Ø 17%
  • Conveyor belt features:
    • Width: 900 mm
    • Surface: Ruff Top
    • Cold resistance down to -40 degrees Celsius
    • Vulcanization to a continuous belt 4-ply Breaking load: 500 N/mm (equivalent to over 30 tons)
  • Belt tension: 3 m Counterweight Tensioning - 6 m tensioning distance
  • Sunkid SuperSlide - PE sliding layer:
    • Reduction of frictional forces
    • Longer service life - reduction in wear of the conveyor belt
    • Lower drive power, lower power consumption
  • Sunkid "KOMBI" side exit (side exit and front exit in one).
    • "Radius" element for easy side exit
    • Front exit with two light barrier systems
    • Front exit with newly designed safety switch flap
    • Reduction of shutdowns
Sunkid conveyor belts in Sendaviva
294 m
900 mm
Ruff Top
44 kW
max. Speed:
1.2 m/s
Ø Gradient :
17 %

Sendaviva - a theme park near Zaragoza with fascinating attractions. For the soon to open summer season Sendaviva presents a new highlight for the visitors: a 350 m long summer tubing track, perfectly embedded in the landscape. The ascent becomes a pleasant mountain ride due to the longest Sunkid Moving Carpet in use under the open sky.

The new conveyor lift is a proud 300 meters long and is equipped with numerous innovations, such as the extra-wide conveyor belt with a width of 900mm or the increased travel speed of up to 1.2 m/s. The new summer tubing facility with lift is the ideal extension in Sendaviva next to already existing Sunkid Summer World attractions.


Tubing - 365 days a year!

Worldwide, Sunkid and its partner Neveplast have already installed close to 400 summer tubing facilities. The latest project is 350 m long and is located in the middle of Spain. The facility is characterized by an excellent adaptation to the local terrain. In combination with a total of seven steep curves, it represents the latest attraction of the "Sendaviva" amusement park.

The Sunkid summer tubing fun is easy to install and brings a special summer experience to big and small passengers. The perfect bobsled ride feeling is created mainly by the fine transition from the track to the steep curve. There is no bumping or bumping and the mats guarantee a smooth slide feeling.


300 METER Moving Carpet

A 300 meter Sunkid Moving Carpet - the longest in the open air - provides the necessary support for the ascent! In order to shorten the ride time for visitors on the 300 meter long track, the operators decided to use the Sunkid conveyor belt with a speed of 1.2 m/s (standard: 0.6 m/s). In close cooperation with the local authorities, the conveyor belt with the innovative drive station and new shut-off flap was approved and installed accordingly. Other technical highlights include the Counterweight Tensioning with 6 m tensioning travel which provides the necessary belt tensioning, the additional Sunkid SuperSlide PE sliding layer to reduce friction (especially for summer applications - advantages: longer service life, lower drive power, lower power consumption) and the 44 KW drive motor. To increase comfort during ascent, the wider 900 mm conveyor belt (standard: 600 mm) is used, which offers pedestrians and tubers in particular more stability during ascent and leaves all options open for further future applications, such as the uphill transport of carts.

Many attractive offers

In addition to the new summer tubing facility and the conveyor belt lift, other Sunkid Summer World products are also in use at Sendaviva. Guests can also enjoy the Sunkid Skydive and breathtaking flights through the air. Further belong to the Sunkid Summer World": Nautic-Jet (also suitable for snowmaking ponds), Sunkid Tower, Butterfly, Loopfamily and Rotondo. As a full-service provider for summer and winter attractions, the Tyrolean company Sunkid offers a wide range of options for an individual offer.

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