Moving Carpet: Ski pass Modena (ITA): Sunkid Moving Carpet as an ascent aid in Outdoor Ski

Modena/Italy: The Sunkid Moving Carpet enables numerous visitors of the winter sports fair Skipass Modena to make their first attempts on the snow

Place: Modena /Year: 2013 / Product: Moving Carpet

For the 20th anniversary of the Nissan Skipass Modena Fiere, some new attractions were offered by the organization through Lobo Studio and Modena Fiere. For the first time in the history of Skipass Modena, the hundred thousand visitors could not only learn about the latest technological developments, but also try them out for themselves in the 1600 m² Outdoor Ski Area, specially built for this purpose.

Whether young or old, everyone was allowed to try their hand at skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and dog sledding, with free lessons from trained snow sports instructors. To make it easier for winter sports lovers to get on the slopes, a 60-meter Sunkid Moving Carpet was installed, which attracted a great deal of interest. The installation was completed within a single day - making the Sunkid Moving Carpet ideal for such events.


The Sunkid Moving Carpet as a logistics solution for events:

  • quick assembly and disassembly within 1 day by only 4 persons possible
  • Delivery and assembly without special vehicles or equipment. Therefore also installation in cramped conditions or indoor possible without any problems
  • variable length starting from 6m, in 3m steps up to 400m and more
  • low space requirement and floor construction (structural parts 30cm height)
  • no large static structures necessary (foundations, bracings, etc.)
  • simple and unbureaucratic approval by authorities
  • indirect supervision possible (in consultation with respective authority)
  • very high capacity (up to 2.500 pers/h possible)
  • high functionality by transporting people with and without winter sports equipment as well as all trend sports equipment such as toboggans, tubes, etc.
  • easy to use even for beginners
  • a cost-effective rental is possible by the day, week or even month
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