Moving Carpet: Sunkid Gallery EVOLUS with combination exit
The summary after a winter season.

Taupitz (AUT): The new Moving Carpet opens up the Kinderland in the heart of the ski area and provides ideal conditions for the Ski School.

Place: Taupitz /Year: 2013 / Product: Moving Carpet

The Tauplitzalm is one of the oldest winter sports areas in Austria and strives for permanent improvement of the infrastructure and lifts. Living up to this claim, an 81-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet with the EVOLUS gallery was installed in the newly built Kinderland.

EVOLUS gallery with combination exit

The consideration to make a children's land in the Hollhausmulde existed for many years," tells the operations manager of Tauplitzer Bergbahnen, Mr. Ing. Rudolf Huber. "The hollow is also very protected in bad weather and the children can not get lost. In addition, it is the "navel" of the ski area and four lifts lead from there to the ski area. Furthermore, the Ski School is also located there. With up to 150 children per day, a suitable lift was more than welcome there."

This was found very quickly with the Sunkid Moving Carpet. Thanks to the many years of cooperation in the lift sector, Tauplitz Bergbahnen also relied on the quality and customer service of Sunkid when selecting the conveyor provider. However, not only was the Moving Carpet very welcome, but the EVOLUS gallery also fulfilled its purpose to the complete satisfaction of the operators. With a snowfall of twelve to 15 meters over the entire winter, the staff at Tauplitz Bergbahnen welcomed the opportunity to "simply close" the gallery in the evening and be able to put it into operation relatively quickly in the morning.

BL Ing. Rudolf Huber
Tauplitz Mountain Railways

"It was definitely the right thing to do the roofing, including the entry and exit point. This then saved us a lot of work in operation. In addition, the roofing also protects the guests against wind and snow at the same time" adds BL Huber even further. The exit area of the EVOLUS gallery was additionally supplemented by a side exit, which makes it even easier for pedestrians and snowboarders to leave the conveyor belt in conjunction with the handrail. Unintentional shutdowns of the Moving Carpet are thus reduced to a minimum. BL Ing. Rudolf Huber,Tauplitzer Bergbahnen: "The Moving Carpet offers playful transport for both children and adults and can therefore only be recommended."

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