Moving Carpet: Two moving carpets lead through earth tunnels

Unusual roofing for the Person Conveyor Belt in Jura Kid Park

Place: Metabief /Year: 2016 / Product: Moving Carpet

In the Jura Mountains, in the east of France, in the immediate vicinity of Switzerland, is the ski resort of Métabief, which has specially designed its offer for families. One of these offers is aimed at the youngest up to the age of about 10 years, for which a very special ski children's area has been built. The area, called Jura Kid Park, is located on the edge of the ski area, completely without "through traffic" and is therefore somewhat calmed. However, the terrain there was originally relatively flat for a ski kids land. So they came up with the idea of favoring the slope with two mounds of earth. Now the area offers different slopes and holds one - actually two - attraction(s) for the little guests. There are two Sunkid Moving Carpet rides, each 27 meters long, which are not protected by a gallery as usual, but by tunnels that pass through these mounds. The tunnels themselves were built by a local construction company, while the wooden rottoirs and doors were supplied and installed by Sunkid France, along with the two Moving Carpet rides.

Stones scattered on the surface of the tunnels as well as fences to secure them above the entrances and exits do not suggest at first glance that these could be "man-made" mounds. The large Indian tepee and the themed foam figures additionally create a feel-good atmosphere and skilfully round off the picture of a coherent children's ski area.

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