New Moving Carpets in Bieszczad Ski Center

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Place: PL /Year: 2022 / Product: Moving Carpet

Bieszczad Ski Center in Wańkowa is a family-friendly ski resort located in the Bieszczady Mountains in the south of Poland. In order to expand the offer towards families, a lot of investments have been made in recent years. Among other things, this is why three new Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts were installed.

The Austrian company Sunkid has been able to make a name for itself in Poland over the last few years. Since 2021, Sunkid can also count the Bieszczad ski resort among its customers. The managers of the ski center became aware of Sunkid because of its leading position in the field of technically sophisticated solutions and outstanding quality of workmanship. Among other things, additional holding brakes, active-hydraulic tensioning devices, and special speed options were used for the three Moving Carpet models. Thus maximum comfort for the ski area and their guests.

Speaking of quality, one of the three new Moving Carpets was installed as a feeder so that the entire area of the ski center could be fully utilized and shown to its advantage. In fact, above the bottom station of the chairlift there is a beautiful wide slope that was previously difficult to reach for inexperienced skiers and snowboarders. This has now changed thanks to the 189 m long new Sunkid Moving Carpet.

The second Moving Carpet, which also measures 189 m, was installed a few meters next to the feeder and serves as a lift to get up the wide slope. In this part of the ski area, skiing and snowboarding can be learned and practiced by older and younger guests in peace and quiet.

As we all know, all good things come in threes. The shortest of the three new Moving Carpet slopes is 39 meters long and is located on the 8% slope near the restaurant and ticket office building of the Bieszczad Ski Center. Here the youngest guests can make their first turns under the supervision of their parents or learn the technique of skiing with a ski instructor. Parents can watch them from the restaurant and cheer them on.

So nothing stands in the way of another successful winter season 2022/23 and great ski days with the whole family.

Photos: (c) Bieszczad-ski

Moving Carpet Bieszczad
189 m
750 mm
22 kW
max. Speed:
1.2 m/s
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